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Soil and Shadow is Roy's first chapbook of poems. Featuring selections written between the ages of 21 and 23, it represents an exploration of the notion of belonging through community, birthright, and cosmic order.


The collection emerged after Roy received an invitation from a dear friend, Allison Hummel, to publish some of his work through her literary project, Alta California Press. Later, Henry Parsons, a mutual friend of the two, and a talented East Bay printmaker and illustrator, voiced his interest in illustrating the chapbook, and all the pieces were set into motion. What followed was a long process, producing an end result years removed from its inception, but better informed and refined for the passage of time.


Soil and Shadow was designed, formatted, and linocut illustrated by Henry Parsons, and risograph printed by Heavy Letters Press, with special gratitude to Sennett Allard for his attention and care throughout the process.


Each chapbook is prayerfully bound by hand using traditional Irish linen thread, and signed and numbered by the author in a single edition of 125 copies.


This chapbook is offered for $15, but please get in touch if the price is prohibitive for you.

Soil and Shadow

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