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March 7, 2018


A week into March -

red tails courting,

their talon bound freefall

in view of snow melting,

filling creeks on Cobb, 

and songbirds setting

to singing life into

being again


Sometimes, this

love splits me asunder

like dry pine on the block

I shudder at costs,

the forethought of loss,

all that which represents

one such assurance

of intersection


For I was twenty one, and

heartbroken, when a man

said, You must know,

Roy, in every relationship,

there is one who leaves

and one who is left

And I can find no way

to escape that truth


But there’s another

assurance that lives 

in every intersection

between two hearts:

both are changed -

indelibly altered

And therein,

lies eternity



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